Welcome to our site! We are a community of Russian-speaking entrepreneurs in the United States. Speakulyant is a networking platform, where representatives of various business areas get acquainted, learn and expand their business contacts. We regularly hold our meetings to unite as many start-up, business, enterprising and successful people in US as possible.

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Our events are attended by representatives of such companies as:

  • Citi Bank
  • Ernst & Young
  • Interwest United Insurance Brokerage
  • Keller Williams Realty
  • KPMG
  • New York Life Insurance Company
  • Phoenix financial services
  • TriPoint Global Equities, LLC
  • UniCredit bank
  • Wilk Real Estate

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Speakulyant / Covid-19 Recession / Online Business Conference

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Event ended

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Meet People
Meet People
Attain Success!
Attain Success!
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Make money!


People attended the event
50 000
People watched On-line
Companies met each other
Employees found a job
More than 40 companies made advertising at Our event


For us, Speakulyant is a strategically important networking platform for Russian-Speaking entrepreneurs in the US and Russia. We invite active and business-oriented people who wants to become famous.
Предприниматели и владельцы компаний

Entrepreneurs and business owners

Owners and representatives of companies, who's involved in the production and provision of B2B and B2C services, who's interested in increasing the recognizability of their brands, expanding partnerships, hiring professional employees, finding new customers and buyers, and investments for business development

Производители и фабриканты

Producers and manufacturers

Owners and representatives of the industrial sphere of business who are interested in finding suppliers and distributors of their products, expanding sales markets, attracting investments in business development

Инвесторы и спонсоры

Investors and sponsors

Persons who are interested in "fresh" and promising ideas for business, who are ready to support and invest in attractive projects

Продавцы и брокеры

Sellers and brokers

Intermediaries between producers and end customers, interested in expanding their customer base, increasing the demand for their services by performing themselves on Speakulyant

Стартапы и начинающие предприниматели

Startups and new businessmen

Initiative and enterprising "new faces" in the Russian and American business, who are interested in attracting investments, in raising recognizibility and expanding business contacts and clients for their start-up companies


Job seekers

Young specialists (graduates, last-year students) and professionals who are interested in finding internships and / or work, new acquaintances and useful contacts

СМИ (газеты, ТВ и радио)

Media (newspapers, TV and radio)

Mass media look for newsmakers and newsbreaks to increase popularity among their audience

Рекламные компании

Advertising agencies

Representatives of the advertising sector, who are interested in attracting new clients to provide their services, searching for extraordinary ideas and novelties in modern technologies

Маркетинговые агентства

Marketing agencies

Representatives of the marketing sector who follow the latest trends in the methods of sales in the market, who are interested in finding new clients to provide their services, sharing experience and better positioning themselves in the market of services

Business Networking for a Smarter, More Efficient New York Small Business

Business networking is a good social way to boost the appearance and knowledge of your small NYC-based business. Networking with other businesses, as well as those customers and clients in the area proves to be a successful way to boost your company growth.

These business events welcome every business in the New York area to come in and take part. Professionals from each niche come together to speak about methods that can make networking for their businesses better within such a busy field. Organizations online find that these networking events have increased their business success ten-fold.

How to Set up a Network of Your Own

Taking part in these other groups is ideal at first, but you can create your own networking group of professionals working in the New York area.

The social conferences come together to help each business owner or entrepreneur reach new heights through websites and other media outlets. They work together to spread the word, to engage in conversations regarding their brands, products or services. They meet together to share these stories, but do not have to be in the same industry to do so.

Those hosting these events are successful at pulling them off and getting everyone together within each industry. With many people that know what is required at each of the events, they run smoothly and are the best way for marketing themselves.

Find a Networking Event Near Me

In the USA, there are numerous places to find a networking event that can host a variety of businesses, small and large alike. These areas welcome those that want to be a part of them to them. They ensure that the business is productive at being more successful, while also learning new ways to market themselves in a fast paced city.

NYC is one of those cities. There are numerous networking events for businesses happening almost every day. Signing up for the program is easy to do and it allows you to meet with other professionals in the area that are also working towards a common goal.

Networking makes businesses smarter, more efficient and more effective at doing business within their specific area. The industry is a tough one to crack, but with the use of these events, many business owners are finding it easier than ever to obtain the local place to go to find more resources and help.

Find a local agency that is providing networking gatherings near you today.


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Kirill Kamaletdinov

Kirill Kamaletdinov

We have recently visited the event Speakulyant, organized by Ivan Pestryakov. The event was very pleasant. Overall there was a good organization, there was a great networking, we have acquainted with interesting peopl..

Ekaterina Lapshova

Ekaterina Lapshova

Student, Baruch College

Speakulyant is a classic networking event with a lot of useful information that is practical and applicable for a real life. We still keep in touch with many interesting people from diverse industries that I met there..

Anzhelika Odegova

Anzhelika Odegova

Senior Project Manager in RBT Group (Russia)

I've been known Ivan for many years, and I do not cease to marvel at his active life position and business acumen. I'm not surprised at all that it was Ivan who "brought" Spekulyant to New York. I happened to attend t..

Boris Mosheyev

Boris Mosheyev

Wealth Management in private equity deals in Airbnb, Lyft, Uber and more

I would like to thank the organizers of Spekulyant for the good preparation and holding of the event. There were interesting speakers, there was a lot of useful information and, of course, people! I met a lot of nice ..

Evgeniy Lutsky

Evgeniy Lutsky

Founder, Director (Digital Marketing Agency EAL.BY) and Marketing Consultant

I've attended the Speakulyant event in New York City (a meeting of the Russian-Speaking business in New York). In general, I want to say that the guys are good, - they organize, keep moving and unite Russian business...

Edhar Prokanau

Edhar Prokanau


Hello everybody! My name is Edhar, I live in New York, I was originally a Belarusian. I knew about Speakulyant from Ivan Pestryakov at one of his master classes. I attended this event on September 14th. I really liked..

Кирилл Камалетдинов
Екатерина Лапшова
Анжелика Одегова
Борис Мошейев
Евгений Луцкий
Эдгар Проконов


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